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Privacy Awareness+ - PAB312

List of Courses

  1. Data Privacy And Privacy Regulations Part I - CS00106
  2. Information Security and Privacy Awareness - CS00101
  3. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Part I - CO00701
  4. Breach Notification Awareness Part I - CS00301



1. Awareness – Refer to Awareness Bundle 1

2. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Union has set the rules and become the focal point of the global dialogue on individual data privacy. EU law protects all personal data, regardless of who collects it or how it is processed.

3. EU data protection law provides data subjects with a wide range of rights that can be enforced against enterprises that process personal data. The course content in Part I is focused on understanding GDPR driving factors, PII data types, the concept of identifiable personal information, and GDPR basics. The study includes learning about GDPR principles, controller and processor definitions, roles and responsibilities, and the lawful basis of data processing.

Your employees must also understand what steps they should take if they suspect a breach has occurred. A (reportable) breach is the unauthorized acquisition, access, use, or disclosure of sensitive/PII/PHI information in a manner not permitted by law or regulation and which compromises security and privacy. The laws require timely notification to Federal and State government authorities about the breach.

The course is designed to ensure employees understand the importance of acting quickly and make sure they are aware of the basic notification rule requirements and the penalties for failure to comply. 


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