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Incident, Problem & Breach Mgt Advanced - IPBM113

List of Courses

  1. Incident Management Awareness Part I - CS00401
  2. Incident Management Awareness Part II - CS00402
  3. Breach Notification Awareness Part I - CS00301
  4. Problem Management Awareness Part I - CS00601
  5. Breach Notification Awareness Part II - CS00302
  6. Security Framework Awareness - CS00108


1. Awareness – Refer to Awareness Bundle 1

2. Awareness + – Refer to Awareness + Bundle 2

3. Your employees may be the first to identify a potential breach, so they must know how to handle such a scenario. Your employees must also understand what steps they should take if they suspect a breach has occurred. The advanced course trains employees on the next steps instead of panicking. The training will educate employees to understand their roles and do’s and don’ts once the breach occurs. 

4. The course also educates employees on the process of breach communication internal to the organization and, very importantly, communicating with outsiders. The laws require timely notification to Federal and State government authorities about the breach. The course is designed to ensure employees understand the importance of acting quickly and know the basic notification rule requirements and the penalties for failure to comply. 

5. The framework design is key for organizations to move from their current state to their target state with the ability to identify gaps and prioritize gaps based on risk assessment. 

6. The training explains how implementing a security program based on the framework can help organizations mitigate security risk and consider the appropriate level of rigour for their cybersecurity program. 

Price: 240
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