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Onboarding 1 Awareness+ - OB1012

List of Courses

  1. Code Of Conduct Part I - CC00101
  2. Facility Workplace Awareness Part I - CS00109
  3. Facility Workplace Awareness Part II - CS00110
  4. Code Of Conduct Part II - CC00102


1. Awareness – Refer to Awareness Bundle 1

2. This interactive training course will ensure professionals and practitioners at all levels understand their roles and responsibilities, new developments, resources, and hallmarks of an effective compliance program. In this course, you will be asked to read through lessons, participate in learning activities, and partake in knowledge checks designed to reinforce learning, followed by the end of the course final assessment.

3. Facility and Workplace Security Awareness Part II presents multiple use cases and practical examples to illustrate the workplace security challenges. The course provides a comprehensive review of the knowledge required for understanding workplace security risks and actions that need to be taken by employees. 


Price: 160
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