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Project Management Awareness+ - PM7012

List of Courses

  1. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Awareness Part I All Employee - CO00301
  2. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Awareness Part II - CO00302
  3. Anti Money Laundering Awareness - CO00103


1. Awareness – Refer to Awareness Bundle 1

2. This awareness and professional development online course will provide an overview of the requirements imposed on those persons subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Law, including information relating to currency transaction reports, suspicious activity reports, and customer identification programs. 

3. The course is intended to drive a culture of compliance from the top down and demonstrate to regulators and examiners their dedication to a standardized risk-based approach for protecting against money laundering threats and financial crime risks. The course is useful for organizations to satisfy mandatory training requirements within certain industries.

4. This FCPA training course explains the major principles of U.S. anti-corruption laws, persons subject to FCPA, implications, consequences, etc. This interactive FCPA training course will ensure professionals and practitioners at all levels understand their roles and responsibilities, new developments, FCPA resources, and the hallmarks of an effective compliance program.

Price: 160
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