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Contract DIR- CPO- 4711 Approved By

Approved by Texas DIR (DIR-CPO-4711)

Contract DIR- CPO- 4711 Approved By
Texas Department of Information Resources

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Awareness is not Enough to Prevent Cyber Threat

The pervasiveness of recent breaches needs to be balanced with progressive training. Reskill and upskill the workforce with cutting edge cybersecurity certification training.

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From Compliance to Cybersecurity to Fraud and Audit, WE’VE GOT IT ALL!

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Training and Professional Development with One Tool

Securetain Training and Professional Development with One Tool
cloud security certification

Hands-off Management

Allocate courses to the user community and track the progress.

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Our flexible platform allows you to track learning progress for one or an enterprise of 1000+.

SOC for CyberSecurity

Growing library

Stay on top of best practices with our ever increasing inventory of the courses.

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Request changes to a SecuRetain cybersecurity course online or administer your proprietary course content using our platform.

Complete e-Learning Suite

Increase your knowledge in just 60 minutes. Earn your CPEs and cybersecurity certifications for 2021 and beyond! Find Out More

Self-Development is an Ongoing Process. The more Effort You Put in, Faster You will Achieve Your Goals.

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Continue your education and advance your career with credits for your licenses and certificates.

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Diversify your skillset

Create career mobility by exploring other topics.

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Increase Earning Potential

Stay up-to-date on industry trends and add to your company's overall value.

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Elevate your proficiency at pocket friendly cost.

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The Goal of Education is Understanding; The Purpose of Training is Performance.

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Beneficial for all organizations, irrespective of Size, Industry, and Geography, SecuRetain will help employees grow personally and professionally.

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cyber security certifications online


The courses under each industry classification focus on the specific industry’s compliance and cybersecurity requirements.


Awareness, Retention, and Sustainability Courses

The classification provides easy accessibility for HR to identify Awareness, Retention, and Sustainability courses.

Courses are useful for organizations:

  • Interested in retention and sustainability of the workforce as well as employee knowledge growth
  • Seeking to educate and enhance employee skills: cybersecurity, compliance, fraud, risk management and audit
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