Custom e-Learning Course Development Services

What do we offer?

Design, develop, and implement a training program that suits your business objectives and demographics. We provide learning strategy and tools to create an impactful and engaging learning experience.

Immersive Training


Gamification provides a learning journey that enables having fun while learning, the learners welcome it. However, L&D teams who invest in it still have reservations on the value, impact, or the ROI of this spend.

Scenario Based Learning

Scenario Based Learning (SBL) is a widely used instructional strategy in online training that applies the “active learning” approach. It draws instances from real-life situations to provide a relatable and highly relevant learning experience for learners..

Video Based Learning

Videos are a proven high-impact medium for Formal and Informal Training. Take a look at how we use them to create sticky learning experiences for higher recall, performance support, and application of the learning.

Story Based Learning

Learners love good stories – with Story Based Learning, you can introduce learners to new ideas and push them to rethink and re-evaluate their assumptions.

Next Gen Strategies

By adopting Next Gen Learning Strategies, you can match the way modern learners are learning today or would prefer to learn. Key aspects of their wish list includes learning on the go

Branching Stimulations

Branching Simulations are a perfect example of qualitative assessments. They allow learners to explore various decision-making paths to accomplish the desired outcomes.

Virtual Reality(VR)

VR involves interacting with a simulated environment and being challenged to explore new points of view. It promotes the concept of ‘learn by doing.’

Augmented Reality(AR)

AR covers a wide range of fields and its concepts can be used for any domain, subject, age group, or training program. It promotes ‘learn by doing’ and challenges learners to explore new points of view, driving intrinsic motivation and influencing behavior.

Training Delivery

Mobile Learning

mLearning is “learning on the go” that is typically consumed on smartphones/tablets and allows learners to move seamlessly across devices.

Micro Learning

Microlearning is short, bite-sized learning offered as short learning nuggets. Each nugget is designed to meet a specific outcome.

Virtual Training

Delivering high impactful training is a bet you can win if you implement the right strategy – we can help you in this mandate.

Mobile Apps

One of the measures to counter disengagement of employees is to embrace learning strategies that empower learners. This is where Mobile Apps for Learning fit right in.

Personalized Learning

We provide personalized learning, in which the pace and instructional approach is designed for each learner separately.


We provide a turnkey approach – from the development of the English master to its variants in 35 global languages.

eLearning Accessiblity Considerations

It aims at empowering learners with a disability of any kind to complete a task in a similar amount of time and effort as someone without it.

Continuous Training

Performance Support Tools

PSTs are specific learning aids or job aids that support learners exactly at the moment of their need.

Informal Learning

When we are young, Informal Learning is the first way we learn. We continue to use it fairly regularly in the workplace too – a combination of reflection, practice, and learning-from-others, as the need arises.

Social Learning

Social Learning is a significant mode in which we learn. Social Learning can happen through many channels – mainly through collaboration, observation, and interaction with others.

Self-Directed Learning

Self-Directed Learning puts the learners in charge of how they want to learn, what path they wish to choose, over what time frame, and so on.

Content Curation

Content Curation provides a repository of relevant and meaningful resources for the learners that can be accessed easily from a central location. Content Curation is an exercise to source or find, sift and filter, or group and organize to share the most relevant content to the users.

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