Why SecuRetain

An ever-increasing number of corporations use SecuRetain courses to enhance cybersecurity and compliance needs and accelerate employee professional and personal growth. Roles and responsibility based multi-domain training is the priority corporate requirement. The objective is to reduce the impact of cyberattacks and manage reputational and financial risks.


Our quest for a one-stop training solution for more than just Phishing Awareness, including compliance, cybersecurity, governance, risk management, fraud, and audit courses, was unsuccessful. Our aim was also to cover aspects such as:

  • Courses suitable for each role and responsibility leading towards learning culture
  • Informing employees the importance of privileged access management, emergency actions when a breach happens, how to manage an incident, how to manage a problem, disaster recovery, and more, especially when data breaches and attack sophistication is on the rise
  • Continuous up-gradation of knowledge on new topics allowing employees to grow professionally and thrive in an organization
  • Privacy, industry-specific and international compliance, and governance and risk management practices to educate employees
  • Training individuals on standards, frameworks, and best practices that could consistently apply across the organization

We brainstormed and formed SecuRetain corporation to provide a series of best practices, regulatory compliance, and framework-based courses under one umbrella, establishing robust employee awareness, retention, and sustainable program.

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We Identified Objectives and Challenges to Cultivate the SecuRetain Approach


Elevate your customer confidence with independent assurance

The knowledgeable workforce increased skillset and confidence

More than awareness and compliance checkbox training

Focus on employee retention and sustainability

Focus on employee role and responsibility for organization growth

Drive the culture of governance and compliance

A single platform fulfills multiple training requirements


Lack of role-based courses

Courses overly focused on phishing awareness

Lack of multi-domain-based courses

Lack of affordable courses

Lack of focus on retention and sustainability

Lack of focus on employee and organization professional growth

SecuRetain Approach

SecuRetain Difference

Identifying requirements and suitable multi-domain courses supporting each role to succeed and contribute to GRC, Cybersecurity, Fraud, and Audit

Continuous focus on adding new courses in areas Governance, Risk, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Fraud, and Audit

Ensuring Awareness+ approach and having a series of training focused on Retention and Sustainability

Training that exceeds regulatory and compliance requirements or checkbox approach

Developing skill levels that will allow organization to demonstrate ability to manage external and internal changes (e.g., reliability of processes, new products, IT changes, emerging risks, etc.)

Continuous training for employees on best practices, frameworks, standards, and regulatory requirements

Ensuring an organization can demonstrate the implementation of sustainability principles as well as the effectiveness of controls

Providing customizable courses as per client requirements

Highly affordable courses and follow a simplified and practical approach

Aimed at the higher transfer of knowledge and better understanding making employees feel an integral part of the organization

Availability of private space for in-house as well as SecuRetain courses without additional cost

From Compliance to Cybersecurity to Fraud and Audit, WE’VE GOT IT ALL!

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